Rhyme Time

Here's a section for everyone who likes to tell stories in rhyme. Have any to share? Send them in and I will be happy to post them. Don’t forget to tell me your first name or screen name and age.


Silver Cup


One day on my bike I got hit by a car

And was left to live with a facial scar.

I felt confused, I felt so low,

Life had dealt a mighty blow.

My mom, she said, “My dear, dear son,

Challenges are many, you're facing one;

This is for you with love and prayer,

So that you'd know I really care.”

And then she handed me a Cup,

With words inscribed: Hold Your Head Up!


Now I went to middle school

Armed with this, my new found tool.

Ready to live and take my chances,

I asked the girls to all school dances.

Some said yes, and some said no

I did not mind; went with the flow.

And when the kids mocked my face

I felt no shame; felt no disgrace;

I closed my eyes and saw the Cup

And read the words, Hold Your Head Up!


Then I went to my high school

I worked quite hard, and acted cool.

And got a job, and played guitar,

And dreamt at night of going far.

And when the kids mocked my face

I felt no shame; felt no disgrace;

I closed my eyes and saw the Cup

And read the words, Hold Your Head Up!


High school was over, so on to college –

That vast expanse of deeper knowledge.

Courses were tough; courses were fun

I studied hard and braved each one.

The big thick books; the camouflaged looks;

Suggestive tones; moans and groans;

I did not care, I did not flinch;

I stood my grounds, budged not one inch;

I closed my eyes and saw the Cup

And read the words, Hold Your Head Up!


So when life's cold and hard to bear

And no one else seems to care,

I close my eyes and see the Cup

And carry on with head held up.


Sandy Hook


Twenty Angels now in Heaven,

Not one over the age of seven.


Defenseless hero becomes a shield

Still the evil would not yield.


The pain is great, my muscles sore,

This one cuts right to the core.


Mental illness, inner strife,

The objectification of human life.


When will it stop?

When will it end?

How will America rise again?


Little Angels, I say to thee

Soar high ...

Soar proud ...

For you are free. 


The Bunny Nose  


I once knew a bunny 

Whose nose was quite runny. 

Some say, “That’s funny!” 

I say, “It’s crummy.”   


Whenever she’d hop

She’d leave yellow slop.

Knee-high in the glop,  

I sprang for my mop.   


“Sorry for the goop,

But it’s better than poop.

If you fetch me a scoop,

I’ll make Joobee soup.”  


“How is it made?”

“Oh, don’t be afraid.

Start with pink lemonade

And a used wiper blade.  


“Take six parts my runny

To three parts blue honey.

Add a mountain of money

And a giant-sized tunny.  


“Pour in some oil –

Bring all to a boil.

Then sprinkle with soil,

So the Joobee won’t spoil.”  


“I’m not very picky

But it sounds sorta icky.

It’s gooey and sticky,

To eat it seems tricky.”  


“Not to intrude,

But try not to brood.

Don’t be a prude,

It’s savory food.”  


I accepted my plight –

Closed my eyes tight.

Then brave as a knight,

I took my first bite.  


Tomato, banana, cucumber, and pear

Chocolate, vanilla … my bleached underwear?

Pizza and sausage and even some bear –

This was more fun than the county fair.  


The soup tasted yummy – 

Brought a smile to my tummy. 

Hooray for the bunny 

Whose nose was quite runny.    



Halloween is here – 

Spooky time of th’ year! 

Bats swish out their cave 

Ghosts lift from the grave. 

Halloween is here!   


Witches in the sky, 

Zombies lumb’ring by; 

Children fill the streets 

In search of tasty treats. 

Halloween is here!   


Doorbells jingle;   

Spirits mingle; 

Werewolves howl; 

Black cats prowl.  

Halloween is here!   


Pumpkins flicker;

Scarecrows snicker;

Ravens squawk;

Vampires stalk.

Halloween is here!  


Houses grow dark; 

Dogs hush their bark; 

Children turn in 

Eat candy and grin. 

For everything goes, 

Today, I suppose – 

Halloween is here!  


Mother’s Day


Dog’s acting hyper, baby is screaming,

House is a mess – could use a good cleaning.

Bacon is burning, the TV blew out,

Mom clenches her fists, gets ready to shout.


With that look on her face, perhaps I should hide,

But I take a deep breath and run to her side.

I tug on her dress and ask her what’s wrong,

Here’s what she says in a delicate song:


“Mommy’s had a hectic day,

Won’t you go outside and play?

Don’t forget to take my niece,

I’m just looking for some peace.”


Holding back tears, not wanting to cry,

Mom comforts baby, then lets out a sigh.

Heads to her room and closes the door –

Now is our chance to go and explore.


“Come on, Sally, it’s time to look,

We’ll scope out every single nook.

We will not stop; we will not cease;

Till my dear mommy finds her peace.”


We remove all items from the closets,

Check under the sinks, unscrew the faucets;

Grab all the pans, pour out the grease,

But where’s that thing my mom calls peace?


We rummage through trash, squash a large bug,

Empty the fridge, and pull up the rug;

Search the pockets of my Polar fleece,

But find no clue to what Mom calls peace.


Then Sally and I knew just what to do:

We dash to my room for glitter and glue;

I call my friends Marty and Suzie and Stan,

And when they arrive I tell them my plan.


We squirt glue on ceilings, floors, and walls,

On bedroom doors and throughout the halls.

Then coat the glue with colorful glitter –

“We’re a great team!” I joyously twitter.


Our masterpiece done, I knock on Mom’s door,

“What do you want?” she says with a roar.

“Hurry! Hurry! Come see your surprise,

It’s sure to bring tears of joy to your eyes.”


“Oh, my goodness! It cannot be.

Everywhere P-E-A-C-E.”

Mommy’s so happy she’s going berserk,

A round of applause for good ol’ teamwork.   


Have you ever seen

A Mexican jumping bean?

Why whatever do you mean,

Do they make quite a scene?

Why yes, for there’s no stopping

Those silly beans from hopping.

So hop with them at will

And give yourself a thrill.


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m on a plane

With Mr. Magoo.

My, gosh! He’s the pilot.

How can that be?

Last I knew,

He could hardly see.

I close my eyes,

Pretend I’m an elf.

And hope this plane

Can fly itself!


There once was a hamster named Cool

Who lived by my swimming pool.

With his hair in braids

And stylish shades,

He’d bask in the sun

‘Til half past 1:00.

Then he’d don his cap

And swim a lap

And water ski

With his buddy Lee.


The roar of the crowd . . .

I'll make Dad proud.

With lightening speed,

I take the lead.

But then I trip,

“Good job,” I quip.

Runners blow past,

I come in last.

No shame; no sorrow;

I still have tomorrow.


It was supposed to be the dreamiest Valentine’s date ever. And then, I opened the door

and saw . . .

What looked to be an elephant’s paw,

With beady eyes, a cone-shaped nose,

And mushy, marshmallow toes.

I slammed the door; escaped out the back,

I just about had a heart attack.

She looked so scary, hairy and green,

Was it Valentine’s Day or Halloween?