After reviewing the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, I wish to draw your attention to the following: I want to make it clear that a child’s privacy is of uppermost concern to me. I will NOT sell any information provided by children (or adults—an adult is considered anyone 18 or older) to third parties. Furthermore, I ask that children DO NOT send their full names, address, telephone number, or any other personal information. Should they do so accidentally, it will not be posted.


My focus is to provide a safe outlet for children to express themselves. Any information sent that I deem relevant to the growth of Let Kids Lead will be displayed online in one of two ways: 1) Anonymously. Let me know if this is how you would like your work to be displayed. 2) With parental approval, children under the age of 13 can send in their work along with their first name only and their age (e.g., Tim, Age 10) or their initials and their age or a username/codename and their age. The initials may not be more than three letters (e.g., T.M.C., Age 12 is acceptable; T.V.S.K, Age 11 is not). The username/codename must be fictitious (e.g., Snoopycool, Age 10).


Children over the age of 13 may also send in their work along with their age and first name only. Though said privacy act applies to children under the age of 13, it is recommended that children over the age of 13 get their parents permission first. Children over the age of 13 may use their initials instead of their first name if they so choose.


From time to time, I may send out emails with exciting news. Your email address will remain confidential. If someone has a specific question, I will do my best to respond to it in a timely fashion. Remember, all work samples, thoughts and suggestions must be put in the body of the email; no attachments, please.


I expect parents to monitor the content of the material written by their children and will assume that any material sent is with the knowledge and approval of the parents. I have the right to decline without cause the posting of any material at my full and sole discretion. I want everyone to enjoy this site and to prosper from it. I wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation.