Now there’s a word and a half! An onomatopoeia (pronounced on-o-mat-o-pee-a) is basically a word that sounds like what it means.  


Here are some examples. Can you think of any more? Let me know and I will display them for others to see. Don’t forget to tell me your first name or screen name and age. Be sure to scroll down to view all the onomatopoeias posted.   


Buzz—Bees buzz. 


Swoosh—The strong winds made a swooshing sound. 


Swish—As the lion tamer used his whip it made a swishing sound.


Weep—Babies weep.


Cuckoo—The bird popped out of the clock and went, Cuckoo! Cuckoo!


Sizzle—Listen to that bacon sizzle.


Plop—After exercising, I plopped on the couch and went to sleep.


Thump—Dropping the bowling ball produced a very loud thump.


Moo—A cow goes moo. 


Ouch—Ouch! That hurt.


Fizzle—The firecracker never popped. Rather, it fizzled out.


Gulp—When you swallow something you make a gulping sound. 


Crackle—Listen to the firewood crackle.


Whisk—I am about to whisk you up into the air. 


Zip—She zipped through her homework and made it to the school play in time.  


Whoosh—The rushing water made a whooshing sound.


Boom—The volcano made a thunderous boom just moments before it spewed molten lava.


Zap—I heard a zap when the wet towel made contact with the electrical socket.


Crunch—When you bite into a fresh potato chip you hear a crunch.


Bang—We heard a loud bang so we rushed to the window to see what had happened.