Fill in the blank

Type the letter of the word pairs that you think best completes the sentence, then click the “Answer” button to see if you’re right. For example, 
The _____ arrested the _____.
A)        Doctor : Patient
B)        Firefighter : Journalist
C)        Lawyer : Criminal
D)        Policeman : Crook 
You would type in, say, D, then click the “Answer” button to compare your answer. ("D" is the correct choice in the above example.) If you wish, send in your own Fill in the blanks to be displayed. Don’t forget to tell me your first name or screen name and age.
A _____ moment of _____ flashed through his mind before attempting the ski jump.
A)        Silly : Excitement 
B)        Brief : Silence
C)        Fleeting : Doubt 
D)        Long : Trust
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