Alliteration is the occurrence of several words that begin with the same letter or sound. You yourself should structure some sentences for fun. If you think of some additional examples of alliteration, send them in and I will post them for others to enjoy. Don’t forget to tell me your first name or screen name and age. Be sure to scroll down to view every entertaining example.  


Proper planning prevents poor performance.


Miserly Matt must make more money.  


Fearless Freddy fought four fiends.  


Freaky Fran fried four frogs.  


Some swallows saw several slippery serpents swimming swiftly.  


Crabby Cal crashes cars constantly.  


Creepy crawlies consumed cantaloupes.  


Pete’s piano performances perpetually please people.  


Olivia obsessed over others' Oreos. ~ Sent by Mokeo


You can successfully construct examples of Alliteration even if every word does not begin with the same letter.  




Sing a song of sixpence.  


I saw several spies performing surreptitious surveillances.  


Zack watched zebras zip by.  


Joyous Jen’s jackrabbit jumped over junipers. 


How will Wally wash windows without water?


Sally swam silently in the sea. ~ Sent by Mokeo