Income Opportunity in Historic Tipp Hill

SOLD (by me)

Mixed-use building in historic Tipperary Hill--home of the nation's only upside-down traffic signal--with fully equipped pizza shop on the main floor and a 3-bedroom apartment with remodeled bathroom on the upper floor. Take-out and delivery drive the business; introduce ice cream and you'll be rolling in the dough. The upstairs with pinewood floors and outside balcony is in move-in condition for owners and renters alike. Full, insulated walk up attic for extra storage. Several upgrades have been made in addition to the remodeled bath, including but not limited to energy-efficient LED lighting in kitchen area of pizza shop, an awning window, two stainless steel sinks, and two new furnaces. Room overlooking balcony also has a new LED light. Don't miss out on this great income-making opportunity in Syracuse, NY. 

SOLD (by me)

Chris Karim - Children's Author


I began writing for children in 2003 after earning a master’s in education from Syracuse University. I have three published books to my credit: BE LITTLE, SHOO FLY, PLEASE BOTHER ME and LITTLE LEAF. BE LITTLE has made its way into school systems throughout the country. It has received positive feedback on Amazon and from anti-bullying organizations, teachers, counselors, concerned parents, and students. SHOO FLY, PLEASE BOTHER ME and LITTLE LEAF have gotten positive reviews on Amazon and from counselors, parents, teachers, and students. I hope you enjoy my books and the activities offered on this site.

Be Little

An action-packed novel about a bullied boy who must decide if he has the courage and ingenuity to use his small size to perform a giant-sized rescue. To read an excerpt, click here. To purchase, please visit Amazon (Kindle available) or Smashwords (Nook, Ipad, Kindle, Sony Reader, and several other apps/formats available).  
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Little Leaf

A tender story about a leaf who, through a perilous journey, finds a new answer to the question, "What makes a home?" To purchase, please visit Amazon.
Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me

A zany picture book about a boy's epic battle with a fly, with a twist that might just have a happy ending for everyone. Click here to view trailer. To purchase, please visit Amazon (Kindle available).